• We believe passionately in building a long-term relationship with our clients. It is important to us that we understand your business, its strategy and the ambition for the coming years. We are not a transactional broker. 

  • Taking the time to get to know your track record, business model and future plans helps us identify the right lending options for your long-term plans. 

  • We prepare a detailed lending summary on your behalf to help
    communicate your business to the lenders in the market. This means we can approach several lenders quickly. Our lending pedigree means we can also present your business in a way that makes it easier for the lender to make an accurate and timely decision. It is important to exclude those lenders that will not deliver as early as you can in the process to avoid wasted time. This means presenting the detailed information accurately and early to the lender on your behalf. 


  • Buying or Refinancing a Commercial property to use as your business premises.


  • The lending market for professional developers and investors is complex; served by a range of institutional, specialist and privately funded lenders. Our role is to navigate this complexity, finding the right solution for now but also the long-term plan.

  • The market is dynamic, where the appetite to lend and service delivered can move quickly. Our regular activity in the market helps to ensure we are close to these movements when considering the options available and your needs.

  • Our service helps to mitigate against an over reliance on one lender. Many clients have developed good relationships with lenders, investing time in educating them on their business only to see a change of personnel or appetite to lend. This can frustrate the plans for the business. There are in our experience options among the specialist banks and lenders that many clients are unaware of. These can provide a higher level of gearing and reduce the amount of equity needed from the client or the private investors they typically work with.


  • We have personal relationships with our panel of lenders that can provide the range of options needed by our clients, and we will use our expertise to ensure we present the right solution for now, but also the one that takes into account the long term plan. 

  • When approaching lenders and considering the terms they can offer, we will consider the total cost of the products as well as other key features – total cost, term and period of commitment, period of any fixed rate protection against interest rate movements, fees on the way in or way out, lender willingness to support the application, likely timescales and process involved.

  • Each clients priorities and plans will be unique. We will work with you to ensure you consider what works for your needs.  


  • Our specialist teams have extensive experience in the Property Investment market, they can review your portfolio position and help you understand how to make it work harder for you. 

  • There maybe options with your existing portfolio of investment property that could unlock the capital needed for new projects. 

  • In addition there could be scope to improve the terms of existing financing or expiring terms.


  • Our experience as lender and investor/developer also means we know how frustrating the process of raising finance can be.

  • Whilst there is no magic solution to the process, we pride ourselves on being involved throughout the various stages, working to ensure requirements are delivered by the necessary parties (you, the lender, valuer and solicitor).

  • This hands-on approach helps to maintain momentum in the process which is vital.  


  • With our relationship philosophy, we will be there during the loan as well as when you approach any repayment dates, assisting where we can to ensure you achieve your overall objectives.

  • We know plans can change and early engagement with existing lenders or looking to the market for another solution is vital.  

  • Our support is also available on projects you may only be considering, rather than already committed to. We can work with you from this early stage to help assess the likely financing options that might be available on the project, considering the property, rental and overall scheme profile. This helps to understand how much deposit or equity you may need to find.  

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